Mobility tower
Zero climbing, disaster water tower


In the last years, the number of natural disasters has increased. Besides this, violence and armed conflicts make people seek ref¬uge. This lead to a high number of fatalities and great economic dam¬age. The conditions are never the same depending on the disaster, the scale of disaster, the location and resources. This makes emer¬gency relief an immensely difficult task. In case of disaster, it will be impor-tant to rebuild as fast as possible.

Due to the primary necessity of water to sustain life, the impor¬tance of supplying an emergency water tower is indisputable. For now, in our case of

the emergency water tower, it is constructed lo¬cally. Limited skills and resources can produce problematic struc¬tures; improvised construction may lack stability and durability and prove to be dangerous. Therefore, assembling a reliable water tower kit is most welcome, and should be calculated in advance.


The building technology can definitely contribute to relief aid by giving simple yet durable and useful solutions. Our group of designers, consisting of various backgrounds like architecture, civil engineering and innovation management took this task upon them to create a new and

efficient way of construction
To survive in disaster areas we need water. Clean water saves us from diarrhea, gonorrhea and other diseases. Doctors without Borders works in situations where efficiency - speed, quality - and effectiveness are major aspects in order to save lives. Our idea is to design a water tower which will arrive on site in a com¬pact package with preassembled elements, these elements are easily bolted on site by following simple instructions provided by an easy to read manual. Its design enables the tower to be build completely on the ground and does not require any climbing which provide a dangerous situation.

Danger zones, generic

University assignment

Project Team:

ing. Chris Idema, Luc van de Blerc, ing. stephan van de wel & Mari Saarok

Client: Technical University Eindhoven

Area: 5000 ltr
steel construction

zero climbing