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All the art that is in the museum is exposed on a group of high walls. The entire gallery is classified into different categories and each category covers one strip on one wall from the bottom to the top. Museum visitors have the opportunity to take a closer look at all the individual art pieces by stepping into a soundproof bubble-elevator alone or companied by their friends or family. Each elevator is equipped with a scroll function which allows them to travel up and down the wall and control the speed of movement.

Furthermore, the elevator can move closer and further from the art piece. In essence, each category is experienced like a website. People can zoom in and out and scroll as fast or slow as they like. The actual website of the museum will be identical to the physical museum. The contradiction between the digital world and the real world. The sound of a clicking scroll wheel boringly moving up and down a webpage, opposite to actually scrolling real art pieces.

The Netherlands, Rotterdam,


Project Team:

Chris Idema
Reinier Simons
Competition: Non-Architecture

Name: SHOWING alternative designs for museums

Redefining boredom