Carpineto Mountain Refuge


Arthropod Walking the trails of the Lepini mountains, one finds himself immersed in the grandeur of nature. While the eyes gaze on the ever-changing views, it is easy to forget ourselves along the way. The moment of rest presents the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves.

The refuge was designed to support this moment of reflection, enabling the walker to see himself as a player in this nature instead of a pawn. For that, this habitation contrasts the horizontal lines of the field seen during the day as a traveler with a vertical perspective that looks out into the sky.

Thus, after retracting the posts for the provided hammocks, the walker can lie in a state of contemplation. The aim of the project was to create a self-sufficient ‘new style’ of mountain hut. The apparently simple steal box-structure is insulated and cladded by local reused wood on the inside. The cladding of the entire exterior of the hut in black reflective solar cells serves both concrete and abstract purposes of the design. On one hand, it ensures generating electricity even in upright and shady positions. On the other, it integrates itself in the surroundings by reflecting it on its surface while it changes the scenery with its presence. As such, the design

is to not only a self-sustaining box among nature, but also a piece of art, a refuge and one with a minimum impact upon wherever in nature it would stand. The adjustable legs on the sides grant the hut the ability to stand strong in rocky terrains as well as in softer ground types, just needing a small concrete base then. Therefore, it can be firmly positioned in any given location, ground type and angle of the field within the Lepini mountains.
This insect like mountain hut is a way of rethinking the way of designing a refuge, placing the walker as a keystone within it whilst creating a duality between reclusion and inclusion of oneself in its surroundings.

Lepini Mountains, Italy
Project Team:

Chris Idema,Reinier Simons
Client: Archistart

Area: 20 m²
Light built
Location compatibility