Alpha Beta pedestrian bridge


The Alpha-Beta pedestrian bridge connects Blood Stoney Rd with New Wapping St. and has the ability to lead the traveler away from his/her daily routine and onto the offline hub in the river Liffey. Here travelers find a moment of peace within themselves, without any internet or distractions from the modern age. Each side of the river has a dock that includes a WiFi hotspot, mobile device charging points and bicycle parking which has the size of three modules.

A single staircase leads the cyclist underground towards the parking station. The modules itself are designed to float and change its form from a single white line, into a curve towards the circular offline hub. Six cables penetrate each steel airtight module in order to be able to adjust the bridge itself and provide stability. By pulling the cables on a selected side, the shape of the modules can curve or straighten out the bridge.

Dublin, Ireland
Project Team:

Chris Idema & Reinier Simons
Client: AC-CA
Architectural competition
Concours d'Architecture