Architectural Engeneering


Every architect wants his design to be perfect, from the overall design to the smallest detail. When a building is designed with the detail as starting point, in a way we are analyzing it in this project, the de¬signer has the chance to approach the design from a different angle. Students where given the task of analyzing a building and to recreate an important detail. Chosen is the Mennonite church in Elspeet, The Netherlands, designed by the Dutch architectural firm FARO. After this detail was created, this would be used to design a workshop which is connected to an existing university building, based on the construction method of the previous.

The chosen detail the first assignment is a detail that focusses on two separate

materials, namely wood and glass. With this detail I was able to recre¬ate

a somewhat similar building as the current from FARO architects but with a completely different look and feel. If we look at the new design we see that the chosen detail returns in four different places. New details are created to connect the University's base building with this design and its foundation. The chosen detail remains

intact but changes are found in the angle of the façade and the vertical constructional beam which we see in the two outer glass facades.


Guiding the student in and connecting it with the exist¬ing part. It starts small but ends with a big work area which gives a great overview of the people working within. This also stimu¬lates interaction between the fel-low classmates as they all work close together with the same goal.

Material wise the transition is hard,

this is because of the usage in the chosen detail, and the wish to keep this the way it is made by the original architect. Two big glass facades let light in to work by, and ensure that the work area becomes pleasant, friendly and light.

The construction in the building is provided through the closed façades as well the wooden columns and beams. These columns follow the existing con¬crete columns of the Vertigo building but fan out towards the outer walls of the addition. Wood is the only material seen in the addition, also the construction is visible and obvious, this origi¬nates from the detail as well as the purpose of the class.

The Netherlands, Eindhoven, Vertigo building

University assignment

Project Team:

Building the 1:1 detail:

Chris Idema & Rob Goetheer

Chris Idema

Technical University Eindhoven

Area: 100 m²
Reverse engeneering
Wood build